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New York:

 S$ 1. =     ; 0.898333333 Fine Ag 

 12/1820: 1 Ozt Fine Ag (Coined, S$) = USD$ 1.29233


1821: True Mint Weight was 0.25 Grain heavier than US Standard.

S$ 1. (South American Coin, .898958 Fine) = 0.8660858 Ozt
USD$ 1. (Actual, 0.892427885 Fine) = 0.867208 Ozt
USD$ 1. (Legal, 0.892427885 Fine) = 0.866666665 Ozt 

S$ 1. =     ; 0.899166667 Fine Ag 

12/1821: 1 Ozt Fine Ag (Coined, S$) = USD$ 1.292641



"Epsom salts was very little used when I was an apprentice ; we used to purchase from 
20 to 40 pounds of Glauber at a time, at 2J4 cents per pound, while we would only buy a 
single keg of Epsom, holding about 25 pounds, at 15 cents. The first really nice Epsom salts 
I recollect having in our store, was the year the College was organized ; John Farr, the noted 
chemist, was going to pay a visit to his 1 friends in London, and offered to make some pur- 
chases for us, and one of the articles in that first importation of our house was two casks, 
1190 pounds of beautiful Epsom salts, at a cost here of 7 cents per pound, which was so much 
in demand by the retailers that we increased our orders, until the Baltimore manufacturers 
put a stop to our importations of the article. Super, carb. soda, which has been such a com- 
mon and universally used article of later years, was hardly ever seen when I was learning the 
business; I think the first we had in our store was purchased from Farr and Kunzi at $1.25 
per pound, in 1821, when we paid them the same price for tartaric acid. 

Taken from Kelley (UK), c.1821:

US House of Congress, 1830: Citation Table D, Doc. No.15, p.1067


1 Kg. France 20 Francs (6.4516 g. .900 Fine) = Fl. 3,100.

1 Kg. France 20 Francs (5.8258 g. .999 Fine) = Fl. 3,444.45



1 Kg. Baden 10 Gulden (6.878 g. .903 Fine) = Fl. 1,453.91
1 Kg. Baden 10 Gulden (6.2108 g. @.999 Fine) = Fl. 1,610.



Citation: Vollständiges Handbuch der Münz-, Bank- und Wechsel-Verhältnisse ..., Vol. 1;  Christian Noback (1832)

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